Our Story

We’re motivated to solve problems and reimagine how systems, the parts and the whole, can be improved to work for you. This is our motivation. We aim to revolutionise the renting process to benefit everyone. These enduring, harsh, times breed innovation and Ten Rent aims to be the solution. By offering a platform to provide a better product, at a cheaper rate, Ten Rent’s aim is to pass on savings to Landlords and Tenants alike to curb the tide of rising costs and inflation.


Our Values


At Ten Rent we're committed to doing the right thing, full stop, for Landlords, Tenants, Businesses, Communities and Employees. Find out more about the team leading the way.


Ten Rent's Ethics & Compliance Initiatives help maintain accountability throughout all company endeavours. Transparency is critical to an ethical culture and we achieve this through public engagement and a suite of scalable public initiatives.


Sustainable business practices underpin our initiatives. How can we improve on current concepts, strategies and systems to improve the world around us.

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